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    • Apparel Fundraiser

      Is your program interested in hosting an Apparel Fundraiser? With this fundraising opportunity, your program will receive 100% of the profit that the Support Center receives from each item purchased from the LifeWise Apparel Store. A special code is ...
    • Volunteer Training Agenda

      All LifeWise Programs should host an annual Volunteer Training Event. Use this Volunteer Training Agenda to plan your event.  The following supplies will be helpful in preparing for your Volunteer Training Event: Name tags and lanyards T-shirts ...
    • How Churches Get Involved

      How Churches Get Involved is a great resource to learn how your local churches can come together to support LifeWise Academy. 
    • LifeWise Virtual Tour

      Check out the video below for a virtual tour through LifeWise Pandora's classroom:
    • LifeWise Big Picture Packet

      A clear and unified understanding of the LifeWise big picture among team members will keep your Program on course and give purpose to every role and every task no matter how seemingly mundane. The LifeWise Big Picture Questions are Who?, Why?, What?, ...